How to choose to support a project ?

You are an individual and you would like to participate in an “A Fair Journey” project. The first thing to do is click on the Project / Travel Offers button. You will discover the projects of our partners in the field as well as their corresponding stay offers. You will be able to discover the total amount of each project as well as the requested shares. A price range for plane tickets will also be available (without obligation on our part) so that you can estimate the total amount of your participation. If one of the offers appeals to you then join us.

How can you rich “A Fair Journey” ?

Once you have made your choice, contact us, we will give you all the information you need and answer your questions. Regarding the administrative and financial functioning of "A Fair Journey", we collect the contributions to the amounts of the project from each participant, of which we donate 10% directly to the community to prepare and finance the travel invitations and 10% to the organizers of the trip. site for its operation, in particular communication and travel organization and the management of funds collect and transfer. The remaining 80% will be transferred directly to the community for the financing of the project with control of the use of funds and payment on invoice of the realization of works and / or purchases relating to the project. Mechanisms for securing transfers and using funds are put in place to ensure transparency and the success of both projects and contributors' visits.

Welcome to the world of fair travel !

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