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You just have to be a rural community living in a preserved natural environment with high ecotourism potential and willing to carry out a sustainable development project for the benefit of the populations.

The types of eligible projects are therefore essentially projects aimed at improving the living conditions of populations while respecting the environment. Thus everything that corresponds to a conversion to green energies (renewable), solar, hydraulic, wind, biogas, ..., everything that contributes to the conservation of the environment (creation of reserves, establishment of ecotourism circuits, interpretation, environmental management ...), anything that can improve fishing and farming methods (alternatives to pesticides and fertilizers, implementation of sustainable fishing, creation of bio-cooperatives ...) and finally, everything that contributes to community development (health, education, etc.) while respecting the environment.

Once these eligibility criteria have been verified, the project must be costed in detail and not exceed € 20,000 (with exceptions depending on the ecotourism environment).

"A Fair Journey" consisting essentially of exchanging contributions to the costs of a development project for an ecotourism stay, the community must undertake to receive the funders for a minimum stay of 6 days and therefore offer a complete circuit including accommodation and transport (airport / stay / airport) as well as catering. This circuit must be detailed in terms of the attractions offered, site visits, observations of animals, plants, presentation of local cultures (crafts, festivals, dances ...). The reliability of these accommodations, transport and visits must be guaranteed by a formal commitment from the community and its managers.

Once you have made your choice, contact us, we will give you all the information you need and answer your questions. The validation of a project is done after a series of exchanges between us and the community mainly on two points: The validity of the sustainable development project and the reliability of the proposed ecotourism offer. The final acceptance is made after a visit of "A Fair Journey" on the ground in order to assess the reality of the project and the local capacities of implementation (competent and motivated people, infrastructures to the standards ("A Fair Journey" provides a personalized repository on the infrastructure and minimum services to be implemented in order to ensure the smooth running of a successful ecotourism stay).

To apply, send us a message presenting your community, its location next to major ecotourism "attractions" (national parks, nature reserves, classified heritage sites, etc.), the sustainable development project and its estimated cost as well as the resources. local (men and equipment) to ensure the reception of a group of 4 to 6 people.

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